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Kyle W. Hufford grew up in Miami County, north of Dayton, Ohio.  From a very young age, he was always interested in computers and technology.  After completing high school, he attended Wright State University and DeVry University. He then obtained Microsoft MCSE and Cisco CCNA certification and started doing IT contracts until landing his first full-time job with CSC Energy Services.  After working full-time for a few years, he went back to contracting and also started his own business with a few friends doing internet website hosting and co-location services.  His business, Infinite Data Solutions, was one of the first hosting companies in the world to offer online game server hosting.  After the dot com bust, went back to contracting and also worked for several large corporations such as Chase and Citigroup.  His job at Citigroup is what brought him to Cincinnati in 2006.  He was a Sr. Systems Analyst for Citigroup until December of 2011, but in April of 2010 he started to feel the urge, once again, to start his own business.

Always interested in firearms, Kyle found a good connection for wholesale pricing on ammunition during a time when the shooting sports industry as a whole was experiencing shortages the likes of which had never been seen.  He took advantage of his connection for ammunition and began selling it online in his spare time and at local gun shows on the weekends.  Things took off so quickly that he decided to also start selling firearms.  By August of 2010, he had an FFL (Federal Firearms License) and began selling firearms online and at gun shows along with the ammunition he had already been selling.  By the summer of 2011, his garage was so full of firearms and ammunition (all stored safely in huge safes, of course) and the business had grown to a level he never expected, so he decided to begin looking for a retail storefront to rent so he could open his own shop.

Living in Finneytown, he wanted to find somewhere close to his home to open the store.  He went around and talked to the owners of all the strip centers that had spaces for rent and they were either too expensive, too small or they didn’t want the liability of having a gun shop in their plaza.  After searching all around, he decided that he would probably have to locate his business elsewhere as he was unable to find a suitable location in Finneytown.  One weekend, while working at the Sharonville gun show, a firefighter from Springfield Township came by his booth.  He asked when Kyle was going to open his store.  Kyle explained the situation to him and he informed Kyle that there was a building for sale on Hempstead Drive across from Brentwood Plaza, and the rest is history.  Kyle purchased that building and opened his shop in October of 2011 while still working for Citigroup remotely doing IT work.  By December, things got so busy at the store, he could no longer keep up with his day job and decided it was time to run his new business full-time.

While Kyle has never been a very political person, outside of the gun rights issue and getting interested in the liberty movement after the market crashed in 2007, he has always had the idea in the back of his mind that he might one day like to run for a local office.  After receiving a letter from Springfield Township in September of 2013 stating that they were planning to create a new earnings tax in the township, he began regularly attending the trustee meetings every month.  He soon discovered that there seemed to be a lot of corruption in our local government and scare tactics were being used by the township officials in order to sell this new earnings tax to the general public.  With the help of Cheri Stevenot and Tina Prentosito, he co-founded a political action committee called Stop The JEDZ and began campaigning against the tax.  This being their first attempt at doing anything of this magnitude in the political realm, even though ultimately they lost, they gave the township a good run for their money.  JEDZ’s have been passing all around Ohio with an 80%-20% margin.  Ours passed by 290 votes out of a total of more than 6300 votes cast.

Kyle feels that the JEDZ is the wrong approach to the issues the township is facing.  He believes that we need some elected officials that are normal, every day folks, who are willing to go through the budget line by line and make some tough decisions.  Kyle is willing to be that guy.  He feels that we are not getting what we pay for, our property taxes are very high and we have nothing to show for it because our elected officials are squandering our money away.  The wasteful spending that takes place in our township on a daily basis is just astounding.  Kyle would like the opportunity to lead the township out of the current fiscal crisis we are facing by taking the experience he has running several businesses over the years and applying that knowledge towards fixing the problems in our local government.  He believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market principles.  If elected, he will make the hard decisions to put our financial house in order, lower property taxes and ensure transparency by recording all trustee meetings, not just the one regular meeting a month and also by putting the township’s financial records and checkbook online at www.ohiocheckbook.com.

It won’t be an easy job and he is going to need some help.  If you are willing to help, please contact us.

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  1. David Livers
    October 27, 2017 at 11:31 AM

    Hello, my name isDavid and my family and I have lived in the Township for 7 years. It is a wonderful place to live. One small but important problem we have. We have talked to neighbors and we feel the need for a left turn signal at Winton Road and Fleming Road. At this point you have our votes. Good luck on Election Day….

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