First Debate With My Opponent – Local 12 Newsmakers…

newsmakersI was on Newsmakers last week with my opponent.  I feel the debate went really well, although it was only a 15 minute segment, so we weren’t able to get to all the issues.  I was, however, able to get most of my talking points out at the very beginning.  Give it a look, and let me know who you think won the debate!  You can view the segment by clicking here.  Please note, the producer of the show made a mistake and my name is listed incorrectly at the bottom of the screen.  I contacted the host and attempted to get this corrected but he said they were unable to edit the video.  They did make a change to the title to affirm that my name was misrepresented in the footage.  I hope you enjoy it!  There are many more candidate forums to come and I look forward to explaining my vision for our township to the residents!

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