Month: September 2015

THIS JUST IN – JEDZ Will Bring In Over $2 Million This Year!

I was at this morning’s JEDZ Board meeting, and it was announced that with 70% compliance from the businesses in the township, the JEDZ tax will bring in over $2 million this year.  That’s enough money to replace the lost revenue due to state cuts, and with our 35% reduction in expenditures that our trustees are always talking about (about $1.5 million) how is it that we don’t have money to fix our roads?  Something is wrong with this picture…  See for yourself in the video below…

First Debate With My Opponent – Local 12 Newsmakers…

newsmakersI was on Newsmakers last week with my opponent.  I feel the debate went really well, although it was only a 15 minute segment, so we weren’t able to get to all the issues.  I was, however, able to get most of my talking points out at the very beginning.  Give it a look, and let me know who you think won the debate!  You can view the segment by clicking here.  Please note, the producer of the show made a mistake and my name is listed incorrectly at the bottom of the screen.  I contacted the host and attempted to get this corrected but he said they were unable to edit the video.  They did make a change to the title to affirm that my name was misrepresented in the footage.  I hope you enjoy it!  There are many more candidate forums to come and I look forward to explaining my vision for our township to the residents!

Excellent Article on about website!

Here is an excellent article about the State Treasurer’s office new website,  I have been pushing this since early this year and have heard nothing but excuses from our elected officials.  As your next trustee, I will get this implemented in Springfield Township so that “we the taxpayers” know where our money is being spent.  Share with your friends if you want more transparency in your local government.

Kyle Hufford Receives Endorsement from Buckeye Firearms Association!


I am pleased to announce that I have been endorsed by the Buckeye Firearms Association. BFA only endorses those who are staunch supporters of the second amendment.  I am proud to be included in a short list of local candidates who have received their endorsement this year.  If elected, I look forward to supporting gun rights for law abiding citizens in any way that I can!  For more information about BFA, you can visit their website here.

Kyle Hufford Receives Endorsement from Cincinnati Right to Life PAC!

pacwebsitebannerI am humbled and honored to be one of only 10 local election candidates this year to receive the coveted endorsement from Cincinnati Right to Life PAC.  I am committed to protecting the lives of unborn children, and while I may not have much say in such issues as a township trustee, I will do whatever I can to help the cause.  To see the endorsement list for the November 3, 2015 election please click here.

Yard signs are available!!

We were running low on signs, but just placed an order for more!  Unfortunately, the minimum order we placed is probably more than we really need, so we need your Hufford Small Logohelp getting them all out!  The additional signs should be in within the next week or so.  Please contact us if you or anyone you know needs a sign, and we will bring them out ASAP!  We just need the address of the location where the sign will go and we can come stick it in the yard, or if you prefer to pick one up we will give you details on how to do so!

My Op-Ed on

I recently submitted an opinion piece to the Enquirer and just realized it had been published online a few days ago.  This should also run in the print edition of the Community Press (Hilltop Press and Northwest Press I assume) sometime in the near future.  You can check it out here.