Month: January 2015

Bumper Stickers (magnetic), T-Shirts and other campaign materials are coming!

We are in the process of ordering some campaign materials for the upcoming township trustee race this year.  We have already placed the order for bumper stickers and are working on a t-shirt design and looking into hats, etc…  Here is what the bumper sticker will look like.  Click on the picture to see a larger, actual size version.


They are magnetic, so even people who don’t like putting bumper stickers on their cars will hopefully want them because they are removable!  We should have them available in about 2 weeks if you want one.  These will automatically be sent out to anyone who makes a campaign contribution and will be available for free to anyone in the township who wants them!  If you attend a lot of events in and around the township and would like a t-shirt, let us know and give us your size and we will get you one as soon as they are available!  Email us at to request campaign items.